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The law firm of Ross & Hill is a long-standing, widely respected resource for people injured due to others’ negligence or misconduct all throughout New York City. Advocacy for the injured has been the exclusive professional focus of both our founding partners, James Ross and Arthur Hill, for more than 40 years.

At Ross and Hill, your case is never treated as a file number but with the personal attention it deserves. Every case receives the attention of a partner at the firm and a licensed attorney will always be your initial point of contact.
The decades of experience and skill they have built allow them to provide some of the best representation in the area of personal injury litigation in New York City.

A Track Record of Success

Experience and Professionalism Matter at Ross and Hill

Our attorneys’ rigorous pursuit of justice for our clients has led to numerous settlements and verdicts of greater than $1 million, along with thousands of other favorable outcomes. We are committed to providing personally responsive service to each client we serve and seeking every dollar of compensation available under the law to aid in their recoveries.

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Types Of Claims and Cases We Handle

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The Brooklyn personal injury lawyers at our firm have navigated an incredibly diverse range of claims and lawsuits, including many wrongful death actions and many cases involving brain damage, spinal cord injuries and other permanent, life-altering injuries. We have developed an outstanding network of qualified experts to support our rigorous case analysis, case-building and litigation efforts for victims of traumatic events such as:
  • Construction Accidents, many of which can be traced to violations of the New York Labor Law
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents  of all types, including car accidents, commercial truck accidents, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, bus accidents and pedestrian rundowns
  • Premises Liability Injuries due to defective conditions in a public or private space
  • School Negligence and Liability lawsuits, including cases of negligent or improper supervision leading to a child’s serious injury or death
  • Sidewalk Accidents, often caused by defects neglected by the property owner and/or the city in operating construction projects
  • Acts of Medical Malpractice, including surgical errors, failures to diagnose and treat serious illness, and mistakes leading to permanent birth injuries or other serious, permanent injuries
  • Police Misconduct, including cases of false arrest, false imprisonment, unlawful entry into homes and police brutality
  • Brain Injuries and Head Injuries, including traumatic brain injuries and brain damage due to all kinds of accidents
  • Wrongful Death of a beloved family member caused by someone else’s negligence


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Every client we represent meets and works directly with a partner in the firm. You can contact us for honest, clear guidance on your legal rights after an accident and rigorous representation if you have a valid case. You will pay no attorney fees unless we are successful in obtaining compensation for you.

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