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A fall caused by defective sidewalk conditions or negligent construction work on or near a sidewalk can be life-changing. People who trip or slip and fall on these hard surfaces often suffer bone fractures, neck and back injuries, including herniated disks, concussions and other harms that require costly medical treatment and prevent them from working.

Property owners in New York City are required to maintain their public spaces and keep them safe. The City of New York is also required by law to maintain the public sidewalk spaces. When these sidewalks become hazardous and you are injured because of it, you may be entitled to compensation for the negligent treatment of these public spaces.

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Evaluating Dangerous And Defective Sidewalks

At the New York law firm of Ross & Hill, we have decades of experience investigating injury-causing sidewalk falls and establishing financial liability on the part of property owners, contractors and others. Our accomplished personal injury attorneys  have the legal knowledge and resources to prove who was at fault and recover every dollar of compensation available to you.

Cracked, raised, broken and uneven sidewalks are serious hazards. It is also fairly common for people to be injured by falling debris, sidewalk depressions, and other dangerous conditions when construction sites are set up adjacent to the sidewalk. Only an experienced attorney will know how to evaluate and build your case for maximum compensation — which may require getting court orders to obtain leases, repair records and other evidence exposing the parties liable for the accident.

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Our Brooklyn sidewalk accident attorneys take prompt action to preserve evidence on behalf of our injured clients. We have developed a network of qualified experts over the course of more than 30 years. Our legal team is also adept at demonstrating the total impact of serious injuries on our clients’ lives, a skill that has led to numerous settlements and verdicts exceeding $1 million for victims of various accidents caused by negligence.

Our case experience extends from falls caused by sidewalk defects and failures to remove ice and snow to litigation against negligent construction companies. We have taken successful action under  premises liability laws against numerous landlords who allowed dangerous conditions in their apartment buildings and complexes and on the sidewalks outside these buildings.

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If you have been injured because of dangerous conditions on a sidewalk, stairway or elsewhere and believe someone’s negligence caused the accident, we encourage you to  contact our law firm now. A lawyer will provide a free consultation, and you pay nothing unless we win.

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