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When we send our sons and daughters to school, day care, or summer camp, we place our trust in staff that should prioritize children’s safety above all. If a teacher or other school employee’s negligence has led to the serious injury or tragic death of your child, our New York legal team will offer genuine compassion and highly informed legal guidance.

School negligence can take many forms and can include abuse by a figure of authority like a teacher or administrator, bullying from a fellow student or a slip-and-fall injury from carelessness on the school’s befalf. These incidents can cause physical, psychological and emotional damage to the student that is irreparable. While no amount of compensation can make up for the deep rooted injuries that may occur, Ross and Hill can be there to help with the road to recovery for the injured student.


    Securing Justice After Improper Supervision

    Our experienced Brooklyn school liability attorneys know how to assess and evaluate child injury and  wrongful death  cases. We understand the tremendous pain or grief you will be feeling, your desire for answers as to exactly what happened, and the financial and emotional tolls on your family. If you have a viable claim against a school, other facility or individual that was responsible for the safety of your child, we will pursue that case with passion and vigilance.

    In the course of our lengthy legal careers focused exclusively on personal injury litigation, we have recovered millions for injured children and grieving parents. This includes achieving favorable outcomes in cases involving:

    • The drowning of a young boy in a hotel swimming pool due to inadequate supervision on a school outing
    • Sexual molestation of a girl enabled by a teacher who left an unqualified individual in charge of her classroom
    • Various other acts of negligence leading to serious injuries to children, including:
    • Trip and fall accidents, lack of teacher supervision for rough play, unwarranted touching; sexual gropings; sexual harassment; sexual abuse; accidents while on school day and overnight trips;
    • Accidents during class; school bus rides; lunch break; recess; and after school activities
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