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At Ross & Hill we are experienced trial lawyers ready for to fight for you. We know that when someone contacts our New York personal injury law firm, it’s likely because something terrible has happened. After helping hundreds of New Yorkers on their worst days we know how hard it is to make that call and to trust that your case will be a priority. That’s why we limit the number of personal injury cases we take to ensure you have access to all the resources necessary to win your case. We are 100% committed to doing everything possible to get the best result for you. When you trust us with your case, you will have someone on your side who cares and is determined to win for you.

If you need a personal injury law firm with a depth of legal knowledge and experience you can turn to Ross and Hill. We have been specializing in personal injury Law in New York City for more than 40 years and we are a tremendous asset and a source of comfort to our clients in challenging times. We have been a respected community resource in the city since our founding in 1983, consistently doing right by each client we serve. You should contact us for a free consultation by calling 718-855-2324 or setting an appointment at either of our convenient office locations in Lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn.

A Trusted Legal Team Backed By Experience

Every case we take is managed by the partners in our firm James Ross and Arthur Hill. They have devoted their entire careers to advocacy for the injured, earning settlements and verdicts exceeding $100 million along the way. They have mentored the associate attorneys in the office Adam Hill and Julie Lee, and taught them the same steadfast dedication and professional demeanor when handling each and every case. No matter how big or how small your case is, it will be prepared and fought as if you were our only client. The partners and associates work together as a team to find and cultivate the best strategies and methods. Because of this, clients invariably express satisfaction with the way their cases are handled and with the results we deliver. Many of our cases come from referrals from clients who were satisfied with the outcomes in their personal injury legal claims.

To learn more about our legal team’s credentials, follow the links below to our individual attorney profiles. To request a free consultation, call 718-855-2324 or use the contact form or chat now.
Our successes for our clients cover all sorts of accidents, other forms of negligence, and serious, catastrophic and fatal injuries. We emphasize thorough upfront analysis, diligence in research and relentless yet highly ethical advocacy.
Notable Recent Cases that Ross & Hill has Successfully Won:
  • Hospital Negligence Case: Child visiting grandma in hospital. While grandma was at therapy, someone working for hospital delivered grandma her lunch, hot soup on a tray to her room even though she was not there. Child bumped into the cart which had the tray of hot soup and landed on her face causing severe burns. Compensation for Client $300,000
  • Premises Liability Case Against the City: Young man out for a jog at dusk in Brooklyn Bridge Park. A wire fence was erected to temporarily close off a section of the jogging path but it was very difficult to see which rendered it a trap. Plaintiff ran directly into it causing him to flip over it with force and struck his face. He required stitches to his forehead and a faint scar remained. Compensation for Client $75,000
  • Premises Liability Case Against a Private Institution: Woman tripped and fell on a makeshift wooden ramp that did not have a railing while attending a charity event at a church. Compensation for Client $500,000
  • Premises Liability Case Against a Private Business: Delivery man making large beverage delivery to restaurant was told to go down the cellar staircase. Each stair was of a different height, which is against building code and made it difficult to traverse down stairs. He fell and injured his back and knee, had surgery on both. Compensation for Client $525,000
  • Premises Liability Case Against a Private Business: Man slipped and fell on ice at a car wash and injured his shoulder. The runoff from the carwash driveway froze with winter temperatures. Compensation for Client $150,000
  • Premises Liability Case Against the City: A city contractor was painting crosswalk markings by laying down hot paint on the roadway. They failed to cordon off the crosswalk and a woman wearing sandals, stepped on it and it burned part of her foot. Compensation for Client $20,000
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Case Against Private Party and the City: A pedestrian was struck by a car driving on a city street. While we won the case against the driver for the insurance policy limit of $25,000. Through investigation, we found that negligent maintenance of the intersection including faulty lighting caused and contributed to the accident. Compensation for Client $525,000
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In our 40 years of service Ross & Hill has recovered over $100 million dollars in compensation for our clients.

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Ross & Hill has served accident injury victims in New York for over 40 years.

Results, Responsiveness And Integrity

Not all personal injury law firms are the same. The approaches and principles of New York City personal injury lawyers vary widely and you need to choose your representation wisely if you want the best results. Key aspects of our practice at the law firm of Ross & Hill include:

  • We take cases we believe in and work them actively, with proven ability to win in the courtroom if that is what the case ultimately demands.
  • Our clients receive caring, focused attention and can always rely on us to answer their calls or return them promptly from day one through resolution of their cases.
  • With well more than 100 years of collective litigation experience, we are adept at evaluating personal injury claims to provide our clients with clear, informed legal guidance and realistic expectations.
  • We welcome individuals and families in need of quality legal representation regardless of background or economic status.
  • An attorney will visit you at home or in the hospital if you cannot come to us.
  • We will gladly provide a free initial consultation, and you will pay no attorney fees unless we succeed in obtaining financial compensation for you.


James Ross is a Managing Partner of Ross & Hill. Mr Ross has extensive experience representing injury victims in NY for more than 40 years. His compassion for injury victims and his drive for justice are what clients admire most about Mr. Ross.


Arthur Hill is a Managing Partner of Ross & Hill. Mr. Hill has been recognized by his peers and has won numerous awards and honors for his exceptional work as a Personal Injury Attorney in NY.


Julie Lee is a Personal Injury attorney with a deep rooted passion for social justice. Julie has successfully represented victims of Police Brutality and cases of sexual abuse. Contact Julie to learn more how she can help you.


Adam Hill has built a reputation as a tough litigator fighting for the rights of injury victims in NY. He has received numerous awards and honors for his work. If you’ve been injured contact Adam to discuss your case.


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