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When accidents occur on construction sites, the outcomes are often life-changing and sometimes fatal. Many injured workers and their families must cope with staggering medical expenses and the prospect of the victim not being able to return to work for months, years or ever.

At  the law firm of Ross & Hill, we have been taking action for workers of construction accidents for more than 30 years. It is critical to realize that workers’ compensation benefits may not be your only source of financial support. Working closely with our experts, we have been able to prove violations of the New York Labor Law, the New York State Industrial Code, and other state and federal statutes in many cases, resulting in substantial settlements or awards.


    Falling Objects, Scaffolding And Ladder Accidents

    Serious construction work accidents and injuries take many forms. Falls from ladders and scaffolds or being struck by falling objects are unfortunately common. Section 240 of the labor law applies in many of these situations, and it imposes strict liability on the general contractor and building owner if certain safety requirements were not met.

    If your lawyer can establish that your accident and the negligence that caused it falls under this or another applicable section of this law, the case becomes a matter of valuing the damages to be paid. That is where our many decades of successful litigation experience come in. Over the years, the plaintiff’s position in such cases has become more challenging to prove, making it more important than ever to have this level of experience on your side.

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    Experience With A Variety Of Construction Accidents Cases

    Our Brooklyn construction accident attorneys have in-depth knowledge of all laws offering protection and recourse to our clients, including victims of serious injuries and families grieving a  wrongful death  due to events, such as:

    • Falls from ladders, scaffolding, roofs, platforms, industrial equipment and other elevations, sometimes resulting in death,  brain damage, paralysis or other permanent injuries
    • Catastrophic injuries from falling equipment, wood, steel, materials or debris
    • Floor, wall, ceiling and trench collapses
    • Fires, explosions, electrical malfunctions, electrocution and other accidents leading to burns, blindness, toxic exposure from toxic chemicals or other life-altering harms
    • Tool and equipment malfunctions, lack of protective equipment such as eye wear and gloves, missing saw blade guard, drill and saw blade lacerations and injuries
    • Crane accidents, forklift accidents, scaffolding accidents and other defective equipment malfunction accidents