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Unfortunately, overzealous and violent actions by police officers are all too common throughout the five boroughs of New York City. We have observed a notable increase in inquiries to our firm about potential false arrest and police brutality lawsuits in recent years, many of which are related to unlawful search and seizure.

There are many types of police misconduct cases including false arrests, false imprisonments, malicious prosecutions, excessive force, and police brutality. Some examples of police brutality and excessive force include unnecessary and excessively tight handcuffing, tazing, choke holds, and unprovoked shootings. If you believe you or a loved one has been a victim of police brutality or misconduct call us.


    Experienced New York City False Arrest and Police Brutality Lawyers

    If you were arrested and locked up for no reason, you may have the basis for legal action to obtain financial compensation. Never being formally charged or having had the district attorney order your release because he or she saw no case may indicate that you have recourse. At  the law firm of Ross & Hill, we have decades of experience representing people after wrongful arrests, beatings while in custody and unlawful entry into their homes by police.

    Our police misconduct attorneys for New York City have been defending citizens’ civil rights and fighting against the abuse of authority for more than 35 years. We know when alleged police misconduct is worth investigating and what it takes to build a winning case for settlement or trial. In some cases, we have earned recoveries in hundreds of thousands for our clients.

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    Investigating Your Claim, Keeping Your Trust

    Even though NYPD officers are not above the law, it takes courage to report police misconduct, and we want to reward your trust in us if you have a viable case. Our actions on your behalf may include:

    • Conducting our own investigation to pinpoint the identities and expose the work histories of those who wrongfully arrested you, injured you or otherwise violated your civil rights
    • Gathering evidence and testimony to support your claims
    • Valuing your case in view of all damages that may be recoverable, including money for emotional distress as well as physical and financial harm