Everything You Need to Know About Sidewalk Accident Injuries

sidewalk Accident in New York

What happens if you injure yourself while walking on the sidewalk? You may have serious injuries that prevent you from working or participating in activities you usually enjoy. Worse still, medical bills can pile up.

You may ask, “Who is responsible if you are injured in a traffic accident on a sidewalk?” and “How do you get compensation?” We have the answers for you. Read the blog below or contact an experienced NYC sidewalk accident lawyer for a FREE consultation to help you today.

Who Is Responsible For Sidewalk Accidents?

New York City Administrative Code 7-210 requires businesses to maintain New York sidewalks in front of their establishments. Corporations are liable for injuries sustained in New York City sidewalk accidents caused by negligent sidewalk maintenance.

Broken Pavement

A shattered pavement can cause serious injury. Even for people who take every precaution when walking down the road, avoiding damaged sections of a sidewalk with heavy foot traffic can be difficult. Business owners need to maintain sidewalks outside their stores. They may be liable for injuries sustained on a defective sidewalk if they don’t attend to this damage.

Snow and Ice

Many New Yorkers have serious difficulties during snow and ice storms. Low temperatures bring the danger of icy streets, which can cause more accidents involving pedestrians on the road.

Uneven Sidewalks

Property owners can concentrate on keeping sidewalks clean in order to draw attention to their businesses. Using the sidewalk allows for more display space. Businesses that allow their sidewalks to becoming overcrowded may be liable for any sidewalk accidents resulting from this increased congestion.

Common Sidewalk Injuries

Sidewalk accidents often occur due to trips, falls, or slips. Minor sidewalk falls can mean the victim walks away with little more than injured dignity. A heavier fall, on the other hand, can result in much more severe personal injury.

1. Broken Bones

There is a high rate of bone fractures caused by slip-and-fall accidents. Bones in many people’s hands, wrists, and arms may be broken as a result of the trip and fall. If an elderly person or someone with preexisting health conditions trips and falls, they risk breaking a hip. Multiple broken bones can complicate recovery and result in serious injuries for the patient.

2. Sprains and Strains

Broken sidewalks can mean a sprained ankle or knee. Many people will try to catch themselves if they start to fall, causing soft tissue injuries. A sprain or strain can prevent some people from performing their job duties. Additionally, sprains and strains can lead to long-term problems if the patient does not receive proper therapy and care.

3. Facial Injuries

Pedestrians may not notice the broken sidewalk until it is too late and they have been injured in an accident. You may not be able to stop your fall as easily if your hands are full of something else. When a person’s face hits the ground during a slip and fall, severe facial injuries can result, including cuts and lacerations to the face, bruises, broken bones, and mouth injuries. These facial injuries can cause significant pain and lifelong difficulty.

4. Head Injuries

If the victim falls backward onto the cracked sidewalk, they are especially at risk for serious head trauma. A head injury can cause the patient serious and long-lasting problems.

Evidence in Sidewalk Accident Cases

It would be beneficial if you attempted to document any sidewalk defects in the area of the accidents. You can photograph both the scene and your injuries. The state can change overnight, which can make the elements of the sidewalk accident claim challenging to prove.

You can also look through the records of the entity in charge of sidewalk maintenance. A nearby sidewalk accident case and previous broken sidewalk accident reports can assist you in determining that the owner should have been aware of the defective sidewalk condition. Obtaining this type of evidence may necessitate hiring an NYC sidewalk accident lawyer familiar with the investigative process.

Can I Sue After I Have Injured In A Sidewalk Accident?

If you have been wrongfully injured, you can take legal action in many cases. However, you must first retain the services of an experienced New York City sidewalk personal injury attorney who can gather and present all of the evidence required to demonstrate that the property owner was aware, or reasonably should have been aware, of uneven sidewalk conditions and would take action to repair them.

Pursuing a Claim With Sidewalk Injuries

If the person discovers the true culprit of city-owned sidewalk negligence and can gather enough evidence, then legal action should be taken. Hiring an attorney and bringing the lawsuit to court begins with sending documents to all parties involved and commencing litigation. The victim often needs an expert to explain and prove various aspects of the accident and demonstrate to the courtroom how the details relate to liability and the accused.

What Compensation Can You Expect After Sidewalk Accident Injuries?

The financial compensation you can get for a sidewalk fall can depend on several factors. Talk to an attorney about your accident to understand what to expect when filing claims.

  • What medical care did you need for these injuries? Your medical bills often serve as an essential basis for this claim for damages.
  • What financial losses, including property damage or loss of wages, did you suffer as a direct result of your accident?

Do you have a lawyer by your side? Often, having an attorney fight for you can make all the difference in your ultimate recovery.

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